Environmental Seal Applications & Product Solutions

Systems that contain critical components need to be shielded from the environment to continue working properly. Preventing that exposure requires environmental seals and gaskets to protect against heat, moisture, UV light, and more elements that cause premature degradation, and in some cases, sudden failure. Mueller Custom Cut’s die-cut solutions allow us to solve one-of-a-kind environmental seal requirements with one-of-a-kind products made to your exact specifications.

Environmental Seal Design & Configuration

When it comes to creating an effective environmental seal, the number one factor is “squeeze.” When rubber is squeezed, the internal structure of the substance pushes back against the surface of the assembly enclosure. An effective level of squeeze is necessary to create a solid environmental barrier that stands the test of time.

Material selection has a significant impact on the quality of an environmental seal, as well. Cheap seals are typically made of either foam or cellular rubber. Although these options are inexpensive, they also lead quickly to leaks that will damage your equipment over time. Mueller Custom Cut uses only high-quality materials like solid rubber to keep environmental damage out for the long haul.

One of the main challenges in environmental seal production is getting the configuration right. Whether you come to us with a set of demanding specifications or need us to determine the right seal configuration based on an existing product, Mueller Custom Cut has the expertise to deal with issues like limited real estate for molding and cutting, large part tolerances, or low compression force. Our equipment is primed to cut and splice seal material to any specification required to ensure a tight fit and material integrity for your products. 

Mueller Is a 3M & Automotive Preferred Converter

Mueller Custom Cut knows that environmental seal solutions are only as good as the materials they’re made with, so we’re delighted to partner with 3M to provide you with the best materials and the most sophisticated production processes for your products.

Additionally, we are a 3M Automotive Preferred Converter. That means you get the benefit of 3M’s world-class automotive components for all your auto manufacturing needs, from weatherstrip attachment tapes to bonding foam tapes and other adhesive products.

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Mueller Custom Cut has been providing high-efficiency, streamlined solutions for our customers’ production needs since 1940, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers that have benefited from our decades of expertise. To find out more about our environmental seal solutions and other die-cut services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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