Why Mueller? Meet Brad Brackman in Our Team Member Spotlight

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Employees say it’s the people at the top who make Mueller Custom Cut a great place to work.

“They care about people. They constantly stress fundamentals that are important to them, which makes them important to us. They live by that.” — Brad Brackman

Brad Brackman, Regional Sales Manager, has been with us for nearly 15 years. Find out why he chose Mueller in our team member spotlight.


What Drew You to Work at Mueller?

Brad’s sales career spans nearly 30 years. Before coming to Mueller, he worked for small businesses as well as Fortune 100 companies. That’s how he learned which environment was best for him.

“I just prefer being able to be one phone call away from the owner, one step away from the president. I like the family atmosphere.” — Brad Brackman

Brad felt right at home when he decided to work for Mueller in 2007. He knew Pete Futia, General Manager, from a previous job, and Chad Hall, Sales Operations Manager, from college.

 “These are upstanding, top-notch folks. These people are my friends; they’re not just who I work with.” — Brad Brackman


How Does Mueller Support You?

Mueller supports Brad by giving him what he needs to do to his job. Whether he’s asking for an investment in resources or advocating to get a customer’s shipment expedited, upper management always does their best to oblige.

“They give me the autonomy and the freedom because they trust me to make good decisions for the company.” — Brad Brackman

Brad has not been inside Mueller’s facility since the start of the pandemic. In that time, he’s been able to continue to do his job remotely without any extra oversight from Mueller. 

“They know that I’ve had 14 years of above quota performance. They just trust that I’m going to get it done. And I do get it done.” — Brad Brackman


What Is the Future of Mueller?

Brad believes great things are ahead for Mueller. The company pushed through the pandemic similarly to how it survived the 2008-2009 recession by adding vital resources and promoting the business.

“We’re seeing activity, leads, calls, and opportunities come about that we would not have known about otherwise simply because we invested in our company and ourselves.”  — Brad Brackman

Brad says Mueller is a fun place to work. You get rewarded for your efforts, and you also learn a lot.

You get to be around great people who care about you, want you to be successful, and care about your family. And competent people who you can look to as a valuable resource to help you be successful.”  — Brad Brackman

Brad Brackman in the Mueller Team Member Spotlight

Now you know why Brad works at Mueller and why customers should choose Mueller, too. The service, responsiveness, and professionalism within the organization extend to its clientele.

“Once customers give us a chance, they stay customers for a long time. And that’s just because they see our commitment. They know we know what we’re doing.” — Brad Brackman

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