Why Mueller? Meet Mike Bryant in Our Team Member Spotlight

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“An organization is not measured by the machines it has or the building it’s in. It’s measured by the people who choose to work there.” — Mike Bryant

Did you know Mueller Custom Cut is a 2020 top workplace in Charlotte?

We have several people on the payroll who’ve been with us for more than a decade, including Mike Bryant, Director of Sales. 

Discover why Mike chose to work at Mueller in our team member spotlight.

What Drew You to Work at Mueller?

Mike has been in sales since 1984. Before coming to Mueller, he was working for a competitor in Atlanta, GA. However, a time came where he needed to be in the Carolinas because of family obligations. Mike knew Mueller well and got word there was a job opening in 2009.

“​​They’ve always been a very reputable company and had great relationships in the industry.” — Mike Bryant

Mike chose Mueller as his next career move because of stability. The fact that the company had such a diverse customer base was appealing.

“I felt like they were recession-proof. No one in the industry could hurt Mueller because they sold to so many different industries.” — Mike Bryant

Mike was with Mueller during the 2008-2009 recession and the COVID-19 pandemic. The company survived both crises with no layoffs and no paycuts.

“They care about their workforce. They’ve done everything they could to make sure that as the world was going through the turmoil that they took care of their associates.” — Mike Bryant

How Does Mueller Support You?

Mike appreciates that Mueller supports its associates not only professionally but also personally. Since he’s been with the company, six of his family members have passed away. Mike says the Mueller team is always there when he needs them.

“I have witnessed firsthand how they support you when you’re going through things that are not work-related.” — Mike Bryant

Mike says Mueller commits time and money to various programs designed for advancement and growth when it comes to professional development. 

“There are organized programs to find out what your career path goals are. And that’s documented. They try to help you along with that—what you want to achieve—and they try to make sure that they’re trying to support that.” — Mike Bryant

Mike has watched Mueller triple in size over the past twelve years. He attributes that success to a group of his peers that also joined the company in the late 2000s.

“Mueller had said, ‘We don’t want to stay the same. We want to grow this business.’ And they invested in all these people.” — Mike Bryant

What Is the Future of Mueller?

As for the future, Mike and his colleagues are developing the next generation of leadership for Mueller. 

“That’s really what my future is right now: trying to make sure that we’re creating a business that’s going to stand the test of time.” — Mike Bryant

Part of that sustainability includes serving new industries, which made Mueller successful in the first place.

“A big part of Mueller’s marketing growth is partnering with our suppliers, helping them grow their business, and looking at different target markets that they want to branch into.” — Mike Bryant

Mike says as the company explores new markets and grooms associates for leadership roles, there’s never been a better time to work for Mueller.

“There’s going to continue to be a lot of advancement opportunities within the organization. The company continues to grow.” — Mike Bryant

Mike Bryant in the Mueller Team Member Spotlight

Now you know why Mike works at Mueller and why customers should do business here, too.

“We love customers who are constantly being challenged and need someone that’s able to step up to those challenges.” — Mike Bryant

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