When you work with Mueller Custom Cut, you’re working with a state-of-the-art converting manufacturer with over 80 years of experience. We have a variety of capabilities and services that will meet your prototyping and production needs. No matter if you need materials, large-volume production, or anything else, Mueller is here to work with you. We’ve worked with over 120 suppliers and prioritize our relationship with each one, and your company will be no different. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of work possible and conducts weekly walk-throughs of our production floors to make sure your job is getting done right.

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Here are a number of our production capabilities:

Die Cutting

Flat Bed

  • Up to 78” wide
  • In-Line Waste Removal
  • In-Line Adhesive Laminating
  • Individual Pieces, Pads, and Rolls


  • High Speed
  • In-Line Adhesive Laminating
  • Multiple Webs
  • Zoned Adhesive
  • Tight Tolerance
  • In-Line Waste Removal System

Value-Added Center

  • Bag and Tag
  • Beaded Gaskets
  • Part Marking
  • Hot Wire Cutting
  • Hand Assembly
  • Vulcanizing
  • Kitting
  • Custom Packaging

Engineering Services

  • Jigs, Fixtures and Assembly Aids
  • Die Design, Fabrication, and Repair
  • Cost Down Alternatives
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Part Nesting Software
  • Process and Cost Development
  • Converts Most CAD Formats


  • Wide and Narrow Webs
  • In-Line Sheeting and Slitting
  • Tension Relief System
  • Multi-Layer Capable
  • Heated Platen for Instant Adhesion
  • Auto Edge Guide

CNC Cutting

Water Jet

  • Materials up to 6″ Thick
  • Bed Size up to 72″ x 120″
  • Angle Cutting
  • Multi-Head and Layer


  • 3D Contour Cutting
  • Bed Size 60″ x 98″
  • Multi-Level Cutting
  • Rigid Thick Materials

Digital Knife

  • In-Line Adhesive Laminating
  • Crease/Score/Perforate
  • In-Line Part Mark Capable
  • Up to 2,000″ per Minute

Precision Slitting

Lathe Slitting

  • Narrow Roll Widths
  • PLC Driven
  • Multiple Rolls on Common Core
  • High Speed

Rewind Slitting

  • Razor/Sheet/Score
  • Auto-Edge Guide
  • Long Length Rolls
  • Tapes/Films/Papers

Laser Inspection

  • Accurate Within 0.002″
  • FAI, PPAP, and SPC Reporting
  • Results Within 20 Seconds

Proud to Be a 3M Preferred Converter and Preferred Automotive Converter

Mueller Custom Cut is proud to offer the services of a 3M Preferred Converter. This status means we have partnered with 3M to provide quality 3M products to our customers. When you come to us for custom cut services, many of the products we offer will be from 3M.

We chose to partner with 3M because of the high quality of their products. Our goal is to deliver custom cutting to our customers to help them with their own manufacturing needs, and we know that we need quality materials to do that well. That’s exactly what we can offer with our partnership with 3M. With over 55,000 products, 3M is one of the most trusted names in the adhesive materials industry.

Not only are we a 3M Preferred Converter, but we are also a 3M Preferred Automotive Converter. This allows us to raise the bar for our customers when they need custom-cut automotive products. Partnering with 3M also means speedy delivery of your custom-cut automotive materials.

Quality materials are vital to your finished product. Reach out to Mueller Custom Cut to learn more about our status as a 3M Preferred Converter and 3M Preferred Automotive Converter.

Custom Cut Capabilities in the Charlotte Area

Mueller Custom Cut is the premier converting company in the Charlotte area and the Northeast US. We take raw materials, like polyester, adhesives, silicone, adhesive tapes, foams, or anything else, and can create the brand-new product that your company needs. We pride ourselves on our speed of service, state-of-the-art facility, variety of capabilities, and amazing customer service. We have been serving our customers for over 80 years and are passionate about helping you elevate your company’s production needs to the next level.

Get started working with Mueller Custom Cut by calling 704-926-5827 or contacting us on our website today!

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