Custom Beaded Gaskets

If you manufacture products with custom sealing requirements, you need high-quality gaskets to prevent or resolve performance issues. Beaded gaskets may be the ideal solution to meet your needs. These products are custom-made to fit the exact dimensions, pressures, and other specifications of your project. Partner with Mueller Custom Cut for all your beaded gasket needs. We have provided advanced die-cut solutions to suppliers like you since 1940.

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What Are Beaded Gaskets?

Gaskets are the objects that fill the space between two adjacent surfaces, sealing them against leaks. Beaded gaskets are a type of metal gasket that features a resilient, high-performance, non-stick elastomer coating and silicone beading on both sides. This technology offers an appealing price-to-performance ratio that often surpasses other sealing methods.

Industries that may benefit from gasket beading include automotive, industrial, medical, and many others. Specific applications include intake manifolds, oil pans, transmission flanges, housings, and pumps. In short, beaded gaskets are ideal in situations where high mechanical and/or thermal loads are expected, especially if there are narrow sealing faces and low surface pressures.

Beaded gaskets can be designed from numerous materials and are available at various thicknesses based on the sealing pressure required. A variety of fabrication processes may also be used to achieve extremely tight tolerances, including die-cutting, kiss-cutting, laminating, molding, milling, and precision slitting.

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Benefits of Beaded Gaskets

You may choose beaded gaskets over other sealing options for the following reasons:

  • Superior sealability: Gasket beading improves the seal against liquids and gases by conforming to uneven surfaces, including gouges, scratches, and as-cast imperfections. Expect excellent leak resistance against oils, fuels, antifreeze, refrigerants, and biologically degraded lubricants.
  • Concentrated surface pressure and flange load: Beaded gaskets improve the available load to stop leaks from developing where the bead has been applied.
  • Cost-effective solution for resolving performance issues: With the proper design and placement of the bead, these gaskets can greatly improve the sealing characteristics of problematic flanges without expensive redesigns, material upgrades, or other alterations to machined or cast flanges.
  • High-performance properties: Beaded gaskets offer high elasticity, recovery, mechanical strength, and heat and corrosion resistance.

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Why Choose Mueller Custom Cut For Beaded Gaskets?

At Mueller Custom Cut, we manufacture beaded gaskets with incredible precision to ensure every job meets optimal standards. We perform numerous tests and follow intensive inspection processes for quality assurance purposes and exceptional workmanship. After 80 years in business, we have proven our ability to meet the needs of our customers without fail.

We work with over 120 suppliers and prioritize our relationships with each one. Whether you need a few beaded gaskets in a small, one-time purchase, or you set up recurrent, high-volume orders, we can meet your needs. Expect fair prices, short lead times, and numerous value-added capabilities to ensure your satisfaction.

For the highest-quality beaded gaskets available anywhere, turn to Mueller Custom Cut! We’re ready to serve you, so request a quote online or call us at (704) 926-5827 to find out more about our cost-effective, time-saving solutions.

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