CNC Cutting Services

Mueller Custom Cut offers high-tech CNC cutting services for any of your manufacturing needs. CNC cutting, or “computer numerical control” machines, use computer systems and special software to automatically perform cutting operations on your products. A CNC machine can use materials such as steel, aluminum, wood, and more. At Mueller, we are proud to offer three different types of CNC cutting: waterjet, router, and digital knife. We have been helping suppliers with their manufacturing needs for over 80 years and are here to help your company’s production process run as smoothly and accurately as possible.

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CNC Waterjet Cutting

Our CNC waterjet cutting services can cut materials up to 6 inches thick. Our CNC waterjet cutting bed size can go up to 72 inches by 120 inches, and it is multi-head and multi-layer.

CNC Router Cutting

This type of CNC cutting uses a hand-held router to cut through various tough materials, like wood, aluminum, steel, plastics, glass, and foams. At Mueller, we use 3D contour cutting and multi-level cutting to cut through these rigid, thick materials. Our bed size for CNC router cutting is 60 inches by 98 inches.

CNC Digital Knife Cutting

CNC digital knife cutting offers many advantages, such as rapid prototyping, high edge quality, no water contamination, and more. Mueller’s CNC digital knife cutting offers in-line adhesive laminating and is in-line part mark capable as well. Digital knife cutting can also crease and score. Lastly, our digital knife services can work up to 2,000 inches per minute!

CNC Cutting Services for Your Business

Don’t look any further for CNC cutting services for your business. Mueller Custom Cut has been working with over 120 suppliers for over 80 years to supply the highest quality of CNC cutting services for their production needs. We pride ourselves on our speedy service, dedication to customer service, and commitment to making consistent and uniform products every time. Contact our team now to learn how our CNC cutting services can amplify your company’s production!

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Industries We Serve

For over 80 years, Mueller Custom Cut has provided custom die-cutting solutions to a wide range of clients. We work with businesses and organizations in numerous industries, including:

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Mueller Custom Cut: A 3M Preferred Converter

As a provider of custom die-cut gaskets, seals, and other products, Mueller Custom Cut works closely with our clients to provide the best possible solutions for their needs. By partnering with 3M as a 3M Preferred Converter, we incorporate their advanced adhesives and materials to create innovative solutions that meet our clients’ most demanding manufacturing challenges. With over 55,000 products, 3M materials can be used for nearly any application, creating stronger, more durable finished products for our clients.

Our company is also a 3M Preferred Automotive Converter, using 3M products to create the ideal solutions for common automotive industry needs. We offer advanced gaskets, seals, weather-stripping, thermal insulation, and more, all custom-tailored to our client’s needs with fast turnaround times. 3M materials are ideal for the punishing conditions of the automotive environment. By partnering with 3M, we can make our custom automotive products better for the needs of our customers.

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