Die-Cut Prototyping with Mueller Custom Cut

Die-cutting services are the perfect way to test your company’s newest design or project. We know that speed and affordability are important factors when creating a prototype for your project. Mueller’s die-cut prototyping services use malleable materials, like foam, rubber, silicone, nonwovens, and much more, to create your prototype in the exact same specifications as your actual product. That way, your prototype can be tested in all of the ways your final project will be used.

Mueller’s die-cutting services have helped companies of all sizes create thousands of different prototypes for their testing needs. Our highly professional technicians are available to talk through your project and advise you on which of our prototype die-cutting services would best suit your goals.

Types of Prototype Die-Cutting Services with Mueller

Mueller knows that it’s important to get your prototypes out the door quickly and affordably. Because of this, we offer two types of die-cutting services for a variety of projects. These options include:

Flat Bed Die-Cutting

Flat bed prototype die-cutting is best for low-volume orders. This would be the option if your company only needs a small number of prototypes made. Our fast changeover times and easy hole and web removal from parts make this perfect for speedy and easy production.

Rotary Die-Cutting

Rotary die-cutting is best for high-volume prototype orders. Rotary die-cutting can create high-quality materials for your prototype because the rotary can tighter tolerances during production. Materials are fed through a machine that works faster and produces less waste, as it is able to catch any excess materials and reuse them.

Mueller Prototype Die-Cut Solutions for Your Business

Testing out a new design is an exciting time, and Mueller is ready to help ensure your die-cut prototyping run smoothly and efficiently. We use high-quality die-cut materials, advanced technologies, and cost-efficient production to help your company have the best prototype die-cut experience. With our AS9100 and ISO9001 certifications, you can rest assured knowing you are working with the most professional and experienced team of technicians in the custom cut business.

To get started working with our prototype die-cut solutions, call Mueller Custom Cut or contact us today!

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