Laminating Services

When you have a unique product design that requires multiple materials and a clean, precise finish, laminating services offer the best outcome for sleek, functional, and cost-effective products. Laminating your die-cut materials will give your products a more pristine, professional finish that your consumers won’t forget.

Mueller provides excellent laminating services for virtually any die-cut materials, adding a touch of professionalism to every part created. Find out what laminating can do to improve your products by contacting our team today.

Laminating Services for Your Die-Cut Materials


In addition to providing a perfect finish for your products, laminating services can seamlessly combine multiple materials for a unique and uniform finish. With lamination, the possibilities are endless: Combine materials as similar as two pieces of cardboard or as different as paper and metal. It’s your design — the choice is yours!

Laminating your die-cut materials also decreases the likelihood of incurring damage during production. Vibrations, shaking, tearing, and excessive deflection can all occur during the die-cutting process, creating an environment for potential damage to take place. When you laminate custom-cut parts, that possibility decreases as materials are equipped with an added layer of protection.

With the right laminating services, your products will be stronger, last longer, and have a more precise finish. Contact the Mueller team to find out more about our professional laminating services.

Mueller Lamination Capabilities and Features

Laminating die-cut materials can be complicated, which is why Mueller is equipped with advanced technologies and machinery designed to make the process more streamlined and simpler. Our laminating services have the following capabilities and features for an expertly crafted product every time:

  • Auto edge guide for automated, precise cuts
  • Heated platen for instant adhesion
  • In-line sheeting and slitting capabilities
  • Multi-layer capable
  • Tension relief system
  • Wide and narrow webs

With the power of Mueller’s laminating services behind your die-cut solutions, the possibilities for your design are virtually endless. Consult with our custom-cut team to determine which of our laminating capabilities is best suited for your project.

Mueller Custom Cut: A 3M Preferred Converter

As a 3M Preferred Converter, Mueller Custom Cut has access to 3M’s full line of over 55,000 products, as well as the engineering and manufacturing support that 3M provides to its partners. This enables our team to select the best products and materials for your project. The advanced adhesives that 3M offers make quick work of laminating dissimilar materials, from cardboard and paper products to metals, plastics, and rubber. We offer multi-layer lamination that can help us create complex products using a variety of 3M materials for the ultimate flexibility and performance. Our experts can work with you to identify your project needs and determine when materials and manufacturing techniques will be the best choice to meet your goals.

We are also a 3M Automotive Preferred Converter, giving us access to the ideal products from 3M to help your company create top-quality automotive gaskets, seals, insulation, weatherstripping, and more. With our advanced lamination processes, we can combine the strength of metallic materials with the flexibility of plastics and rubbers to create custom gaskets and seals that offer the best possible performance. Our partnership with 3M enables us to offer long-lasting, durable automotive products tailored to your needs.

For more information about the benefits that being a 3M Preferred Converter has for the quality of your finished product, talk to our experts today by calling 704-926-5827 or visiting us online.

Choose Mueller Custom Cut for Your Lamination Needs

Your project deserves a professional touch only expert laminating services can provide. Mueller has delivered innovative and creative die-cut solutions and laminating services to manufacturers for more than 80 years. Our advanced technologies provide long-lasting, precise results for masterfully crafted products that never disappoint.

Find out more about our laminating services by getting in touch with our team online or calling 704-926-5827.

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