Laser Inspection Services

Mueller Custom Cut is proud to offer innovative laser inspection technology for your production needs. Laser technology allows for high-quality, uniform, and consistent products each and every time manufacturing occurs. The same level of quality standards is not possible with hand-made production systems, as laser inspection guarantees that each of your products will be made in the exact same way.

Mueller’s laser inspection services have helped our over 120 suppliers create consistent and identical products again and again. If you’re interested in working with Mueller’s laser inspection services, contact our team of professionals today!

How Do Laser Inspection Services Work?

Laser inspection uses a specific photoelectric sensor that shoots a beam of light capable of detecting surface defects at a microscopic level. Laser inspection can also count parts and scan codes or serial numbers as they move through production.

These laser services are most common in aerospace, warehouse, pharmaceutical, automotive, food processing, communications, and retail industries, where production is simultaneously dependent on having massive volume and being the highest quality.

You might think “laser” is just the name of the beam of light we use to inspect your products. However, “laser” is an acronym that stands for “light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation.” These beams stay in one direct collection of light and do not spread out over long distances. This makes them perfect for the intense accuracy needed when using laser inspection technology.

Mueller’s laser inspection services are accurate within 0.002” and we promise to have results within 20 seconds. Our laser services use FAI, PPAP, and SPC reporting as well.

Laser Inspection Services for Your Business

When you need laser inspection services for your business, trust the team that’s been in business for over 80 years. Our laser inspection technology will guarantee you that each and every product will turn out accurate, consistent, and high-quality. Contact our team to find out more about how our laser inspection solutions can bring your ideas to life.

To learn more about Mueller Custom Cut’s laser inspection services, call us at 704-926-5827 or contact us online now!

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