Precision Slitting Services

As the metal manufacturing world grows, there is a higher demand for width and length parameters. In order to keep up with the demand, many manufacturing companies have started adding precision slitting services for their customers. Mueller Custom Cut is proud to be a part of this wave, and we now provide lathe slitting, rewind slitting, and laser inspection services. Mueller has been working with over 120 suppliers, like you, for over 80 years now. We have the experience, dedication, and efficiency you need to get the job done as smoothly and accurately as possible.

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Lathe Slitting

Our lathe slitting services feature narrow roll widths, which allow for a more precise cut. It’s a programmable logic controller-driven process that increases reliability, control, and accuracy. We can even have multiple rolls on a common core, letting us work on multiple projects at once. Lathe slitting is a high-speed process that gets your projects finished accurately and speedily.

Rewind Slitting

We offer three different types of cuts via rewind slitting, including razor blade, sheet, and score cutting. Our auto-edge guide system can sense the edge of a material or part and help align it to the correct position. This helps lower the cost of your project and improve its quality! Our rewind slitting has long-length rolls and can work with tapes, films, and papers.

Laser Inspection

Our laser inspection precision slitting services are accurate within 0.002 inches. We feature FAI, PPAP, and SPC reporting that helps increase the accuracy and consistency of your product. With our laser inspection, we can produce results within 20 seconds!

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About Our Partnership with 3M

3M is a global, diversified technology company most well-known for its adhesives and tapes. With a vast line of over 55,000 innovative products sold in nearly 200 countries, 3M has become one of the most recognizable, trusted brands in the world.

Mueller has a solid, long-time partnership with 3M. In fact, 3M is one of our biggest suppliers. This partnership benefits our customers in numerous ways:

  • Improved production: By enhancing the appearance, strength, and performance of your design, 3M products streamline the manufacturing process and make the end product more competitive.
  • Material expertise: 3M provides us with exceptional training and support, enabling our team to pinpoint the best adhesive materials for your application.
  • Engineering support: We work with 3M to develop solutions for a wide variety of applications, including industrial, medical, automotive, and consumer markets. If a customer ever presents us with a problem we’ve never seen before, we can work with 3M to find a solution.
  • Innovative products and technologies: We have access to the latest and greatest 3M products on the market, allowing us to support your business innovations.
  • Quick turnaround: We keep an ample supply of 3M products in stock, so we can get to work faster. We also have favorable lead times with 3M, which we extend to our customers.
  • Cost-efficiency: By purchasing 3M materials in bulk, we can price our custom products competitively. In addition to upfront savings, our innovative solutions are sure to lower company costs for years to come.

What to Expect from Mueller, a 3M Preferred Converter

At Mueller, we pride ourselves on being a Preferred Converter, the highest attainable level for an adhesive converter by 3M. Only companies that consistently raise the bar in terms of quality, capability, and customer service can receive this distinction.

We regularly utilize 3M adhesives and tapes to create custom product designs. From the prototype phase to large-scale production to speedy delivery, we can complete every step of the process. Our converting capabilities include:

  • Converting adhesive tapes and related materials
  • Multi-layer laminating
  • Slitting rolls to custom lengths and widths
  • Laminating and heat sealing various substrates
  • Rotary and flatbed die-cutting
  • Producing everything from simple geometric shapes to complex component parts

3M Automotive Preferred Converter

We work with 3M automotive OEM components to offer products of custom shapes and sizes for your automotive manufacturing processes. We’ll help you lower your costs while increasing production speed with the following solutions:

  • Automotive weatherstrip attachment tapes
  • High-performance automotive bonding foam tapes
  • Automotive acrylic plus double-sided foam tapes
  • And much more

Premier Custom Cut Solutions for Your Business

Mueller Custom Cut has provided custom cut solutions to suppliers for over 80 years. Our dedication to high-quality, efficient service has never wavered during those years, either! If you’ve been looking for precision slitting services for your manufacturing project, Mueller Custom Cut is here to work with your specific desires and needs. We want to ensure that each job is done with consistency and accuracy and our customers are left feeling happy and satisfied. Don’t wait any longer: Start working with Mueller’s precision slitting services today!

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