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Mueller Custom Cut is a leading industrial converter and supplier based in Charlotte, NC. For over 80 years, we have been producing the most precise, highest-quality gaskets, seals, and other die-cut foam and rubber products for manufacturers in North Carolina and the surrounding states. We offer a wide range of capabilities, helping our customers consolidate their product lines and promote more cost-effective production.

In addition to our die-cutting solutions, we also offer other value-added capabilities. Our intent is to provide extra care for your production needs to help keep your business running smoothly and without interruption.

Discover the benefits of our Value-Added Center. Then, contact us to learn how our custom die-cutting services can benefit you.

Value-Added Capabilities We Offer

  • Bag and Tag: We package your items carefully to prepare them for delivery. We are considered a leading converter and supplier because our delivery lead time is so short. If you’re in the Charlotte area, we can even send you a sample overnight. If you work with a company based across the country, you could end up waiting days just to see a prototype.
  • Custom Packaging: Organizing product packaging can be time-consuming and difficult. That’s why Mueller offers customized packaging solutions to match your branding strategy for retail and online sales. We source the best custom packaging to build strong branding and reduce operating costs for your company.
  • Kitting: Grouping your parts together into kits is an excellent way to minimize costs, especially if each component is made of the same material. This way, instead of ordering individual parts, you can order a kit that includes all the parts you need, resulting in more effective material utilization and higher overall yield.
  • Part Marking: If the components you order require assembly once they arrive, rest assured that we will label all the parts. Part marking is one of the most requested value-added processes we offer.
  • Hand Assembly: Our skilled factory staff offers optional foam product assembly before we ship your order. This ensures your safety and saves you time by avoiding the need to assemble items yourself.
  • Beaded Gaskets: We offer tens of thousands of die-cut gaskets in various materials to meet your needs. Beaded gaskets are a specific value-added product that provides better sealing to prevent leaks.
  • Hot Wire Cutting: This technique uses electrically charged metal wire to cut foam into precise shapes. It’s the ideal method of carving cavities and contours into polyurethane, polyethylene, and other types of foam.
  • Vulcanizing: This is a “curing” treatment that makes rubber more stable in various temperature settings. In short, vulcanization prevents hot rubber from melting and cold rubber from becoming rigid and brittle.

Choose Mueller Custom Cut For Your Value-Added Processes

Whether you need a specific material, want us to create a new component for you, or have an urgent need regarding a production shortage, Mueller is here for you. We work with 120 suppliers and prioritize our relationships with each one.

Our interaction with you will be no different. Expect high-quality materials, a quick turnaround, and a job well done on every order, no matter the shape, size, material, or time constraints of your project. That’s the “Mueller Way.”

To learn more about our die-cutting services and value-added processes, please call Mueller today at 704-926-5827

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