Innovative Custom-Cut Solutions & Die-Cut Products in Maine

Mueller Custom Cut partners with large and small businesses across multiple industries in Maine to provide custom-cut solutions. Whether you need to seal, insulate, protect, adhere, reduce noise, or some other function, we develop the exact fit for your product. We start with “yes” and make it happen, no matter the material, size, shape, or time constraints. That’s the “Mueller Way.”

Our mission is to build stronger customer relationships through creative solutions and outstanding service. When you choose Mueller Custom Cut, you’re choosing:

  • Integrity, honesty, and loyalty
  • A “Can Do” attitude – We start with “Yes!”
  • Flawless cooperation with your team
  • Quick response times for any question or concern
  • Passion to do it right or make it right

Contact Mueller Custom Cut at 704-926-5827 to learn more about our custom-cut solutions and services in Maine. We can get you a customized quote within an hour!

Capabilities & Applications: Digital Die-Cutting in Maine

We provide creative solutions to bring your vision to life. From concept to production, our team has the tools and expertise to truly listen to you and fulfill your unique needs. Our capabilities include:

  • Die-cutting, including flatbed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, hot wire cutting, and laminating
  • CNC cutting, including waterjet cutting, router cutting, and digital knife cutting
  • Precision slitting, including lathe slitting, rewind slitting, and laser inspection
  • Engineering services, including reverse engineering and rapid prototyping
  • And much more!

Tell us about your project, and we’ll help you select from our available materials, including:

We got our start making essential parts for fighter planes in WWII. Since then, we’ve spent 80 years collaborating with businesses in Maine to reliably produce everything from flame retardants and medical sterilization equipment to acoustic insulation, window sealing, PPE, and beyond.

Our experienced team has the skills to make what you need and the “can do” attitude to take on any project. We work as your partner, walking you through every step of production and keeping you in the loop with constant communication and updates. We use only the highest quality materials to bring your ideas to life.

Contact Mueller Custom Cut at 704-926-5827 to find out more about our die-cutting services for Maine businesses.

Custom-Cut Services for Virtually Any Industry in Maine

Over 80 years of experience has given us the versatility to partner with businesses from virtually any industry. No matter your needs, we’ll develop the exact solution you’re looking for. Some of our partner industries include the:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Appliance and electronics industry
  • Health care industry
  • HVAC industry
  • Lighting industry
  • Transportation industry
  • And much more!

Don’t see your industry? Give us a call! The ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified team at Mueller has the solution you need.

Contact Mueller Custom Cut at 704-926-5827 to learn more about how our innovative die-cut solutions can help your Maine business.

Mueller: Your 3M Preferred Converter in Maine

Mueller is proud of the high-quality craftsmanship our shop produces. As a 3M Automotive Preferred Converter, our teams adhere to strict quality control procedures that ensure the finished product is precisely what our clients require.

We have a reputation for making the impossible possible. Regardless of the material, size, shape, or time constraints, our ability to solve complex problems and deliver customized solutions is unparalleled in the industry. When others say no, we are ready to get to work and get it done. 

We make full use of the latest technologies in our operations. This ensures our die-cuts, CNC cuts, lathes, lasers, and more are right on the money. Whether we are using a waterjet, rolling the router, or slicing a slit, it’s our personnel guarantee that the finished product will meet the most exacting specifications.

Without question, delivering superior quality requires using the highest quality materials. That is why we rely on a wide range of 3M products in our operations. We know that whether we are applying a spray adhesive, bonding agent, tape, lock, etc., we can rely on the product to deliver exceptional performance. We depend on 3M because we know that the company puts every product through the most rigorous testing before it receives the 3M label. With 3M products, we know that the components we manufacture will perform precisely as engineered when your vehicle rolls down the road.

It is our pleasure to show you we are a cut above the competition. We encourage you to contact Mueller Custom Cut at 704-926-5827 when you want to customize your vehicle. 

Simplifying Production for Custom Cut Solutions in Maine

When your Maine business needs a custom-cut solution for production needs, don’t waste time wishing you had it. Call Mueller Custom Cut to develop exactly what you’re looking for. Join the hundreds of businesses across Maine raving about our flawless workmanship and superior service. With our quick turnaround times, seamless communication, and creative solutions, you’ll never need to go anywhere else.

Tell us about your project, and we’ll get you a personalized quote in as little as one hour. 

To start bringing your ideas to life with Mueller’s custom-cut solutions in Maine, contact Mueller Custom Cut at 704-926-5827 now!

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