Innovative Custom-Cut Solutions in South Carolina

Mueller has provided high-quality material conversion services since 1940. While based in Charlotte, NC, Mueller’s die-cutting and unique industrial features and capabilities make us the top custom-cut solutions company to assist South Carolina’s economic needs.

The largest industry in South Carolina is aerospace and aviation. With over 100 aerospace companies and 16,000 aerospace employees, South Carolina needs the best die-cutting solutions. Mueller has served the aerospace industry for over 80 years and proudly holds both an ISO90001 and AS9100 certification. In addition to aerospace, Mueller can also provide excellent die-cutting services for South Carolina’s growing automotive, biotechnology, and transportation industries.

Mueller Capabilities Offered in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville & More

We offer a large array of services throughout South Carolina, including:

Die-Cutting Services


  • Up to 78 inches wide
  • In-line waste removals
  • In-line adhesive laminating services
  • Individual pieces, pads, and rolls


  • High speed
  • In-line adhesive laminating
  • Multiple webs
  • Zoned adhesive
  • Tight tolerance
  • In-line waste removal system

Value-Added Center

  • Bag and tag
  • Beaded gaskets
  • Part marking
  • Hot wire cutting
  • Hand assembly
  • Vulcanizing
  • Kitting
  • Custom packaging

Engineering Services

  • Jigs, fixtures, and assembly aids
  • Die design, fabrication, and repair
  • Cost-down alternatives
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Reverse engineering
  • Part nesting software
  • Process and cost development
  • Conversion of most CAD formats

Laminating Services

  • Wide and narrow webs
  • In-line sheeting and slitting
  • Tension relief system
  • Multilayer-capable
  • Heated platen for instant adhesion
  • Auto-edge guide

CNC Cutting


  • Materials up to 6 inches thick
  • Bed size up to 72 inches by 120 inches
  • Angle cutting
  • Multi-head and multilayer


  • 3D contour cutting
  • Bed size 60 inches by 98 inches
  • Multilevel cutting
  • Rigid thick materials


  • In-line adhesive laminating
  • Crease/score/perforate
  • In-line part mark capable
  • Up to 2,000 inches per minute

Precision Slitting


  • Narrow roll widths
  • PLC-driven
  • Multiple rolls on common core
  • High speed


  • Razor/sheet/score
  • Auto-edge guide
  • Long length rolls
  • Tapes/films/papers

Laser Inspection

  • Accurate within 0.002 of an inch
  • FAI, PPAP, and SPC reporting
  • Results within 20 seconds

3M Preferred Automotive Converter

When you choose Mueller Custom Cut, you benefit from working with a 3M Preferred Automotive Converter. We have a partnership with 3M to provide custom-cutting services to automotive customers. Our industry-leading cutting processes make your designs effective so you can craft better automotive products.

Because we are a 3M Preferred Automotive Converter, we can custom-cut automotive parts and components from OEM 3M automotive components.

We can help you with:

  • Custom-cut automotive weatherstrip tapes

  • High-performance bonding foam tapes

  • Double-sided foam tapes for automotive needs

  • Acrylic tapes for automotive needs

  • And much more!

Do you have another adhesive product you need cut? We can handle it as well.

These custom-cut adhesives are often the final touch to finish an automotive project, and we deliver quickly. Because we have a CNC cutting service, we can cut your 3M products fast so that you can get them in the hands of your customers, and because they are high-quality 3M products, you can be confident they will deliver the service your customers demand.

Schedule a consultation with Mueller Custom Cut to learn more about our 3M cutting services and our role as a 3M Automotive Preferred Converter. Call 704-926-5827 or contact us online.

Industries Served

At Mueller Custom Cut, we work diligently to respond to the needs of our customers, and over our 80 years in business, we have developed unique die-cutting and material conversion solutions for a wide range of industries. We serve companies in aerospace, avionics, appliance, automotive, construction, electronics, energy, healthcare, HVAC, renewable energy, transportation, and telecom industries.

Although we are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we serve businesses throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and the surrounding communities. Our facilities are AS9100- and ISO9001-certified and compliant with MilSpec, ASTM, AMS, FAR, FDA, SAE, REACH, and RoHS standards. This allows us to work with a broad range of clients, offering custom products and solutions tailored to their applications.

When time is money, there’s no better way to save than partnering with us. Call us at (704) 926-5827 to get started with your custom project today.

Materials We Manufacture

When you need the ideal gasket, adhesive, or custom solution for your project, talk to our team at Muller Custom Cut. We manufacture custom products and assemblies from various materials, including rubber, foam, silicone, plastic, paper, films, foils, composites, and more. We work with top manufacturers like 3M to obtain the most innovative materials available, from specialty tapes and adhesives to weatherstripping. As a 3M Preferred Converter, we can also benefit from their expertise.

We offer extensive engineering and prototyping services, and we can help you bring your project from the drawing board to production in very little time. We can create the ideal product for your application with die-cutting, CNC cutting, lamination, slitting services, and more.

Want to work with the most qualified technicians in the die-cutting industry? Call us today at (704) 926-5827 or reach out online to experience the Mueller Custom Cut difference!

Mueller Is the Number One Choice for Primary Markets in South Carolina

The aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, and transportation industries are the largest markets in South Carolina. Whether your company is more industrial or electronic, Mueller can provide the highest-quality die-cutting services and much more. We have the equipment, talent, and manpower to take your project from concept through production. If you’re based in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, or anywhere else throughout the Palmetto State, Mueller can help innovate your company’s manufacturing solutions.

To start making sure your company has the highest-quality custom-cut solutions throughout South Carolina, give Mueller a call or contact us today!

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