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Why Choose Mueller Custom Cut?


While examining a new set of hull boards, you notice that the boards are misaligned with the embossed foam you use. You realize that you need precision tolerance to material and complete hole removal.

How Mueller Helps

Mueller can use a spring-loaded system we designed with pin placement to align holes consistently in the application. We can also customize our machining for 100% hole removal in-line.

Custom Solutions (Optimal Material Utilization)

During a material inventory assessment, you notice that your business has many unused materials in stock. You need to find a way to avoid this issue and decrease overhead going forward.

How Mueller Helps

Mueller can source new products with nesting to reduce SKUs, which lowers costs. We can also implement a failproof production line, which will improve yields, simplify assembly, and reduce overhead.

Supplier Owned & Managed Inventory (SOMI) Program

After receiving a new contract on short notice for an aircraft gasket with a long lead time, you need to acquire materials quickly.

How Mueller Helps

Mueller can set up a commitment to stock raw materials in your facility, our facility, or in a third-party warehouse near your place of business. This will allow your company easy access to materials and avoid issues with short visibility.

As innovation in aerospace soars to new heights, Mueller continues to provide advanced die-cut solutions to the industry for unparalleled support since 1940. Our expert team has established long-lasting relationships within the aerospace industry, ranging from material suppliers to production equipment manufacturers. All this makes creating the designs developed by aerospace professionals easier and more cost-efficient.

There are many benefits to choosing Mueller Custom Cut as your aerospace custom-cut provider.

As the only aerospace-qualified die-cut company in the Southeast, we are confident we can fulfill your order faster, better, and at a lower cost than the competition. Request a quote or call our team at 704-926-5827 now!

Benefits of Custom-Cut Aerospace Solutions with Mueller

Mueller’s long-lasting relationships with leaders in the aerospace industry result from decades worth of hard work and innovation. We carry an AS9100 certification, making us the partner of choice for your aerospace needs. Couple that with our advanced inspection equipment and thorough documentation, and you have a custom-cut solution provider you can trust for years to come.

We have a wide range of capabilities, allowing our customers to consolidate product lines for more cost-efficient production. In addition to our die-cutting solutions, our Value-Added Center provides extra care for your production needs, including the following:

  • Assembly
  • Kitting
  • Vulcanization
  • Custom part marking
  • Packaging

Our inventory consists of many MilSpec- and ASTM-certified raw materials, so whatever your product design needs may be, we’ll have the materials necessary to make it happen. Mueller’s skilled professionals can manage your inventory, supply chain, and scheduling concerns to keep production running smoothly and without interruption. We’re also able to ship direct worldwide to your desired location, making production even more streamlined and personalized.

Discover what makes Mueller different by contacting our team today.

Mueller’s Unique Aerospace Features & Products

When you work with Mueller for your aerospace die-cutting needs, you’re choosing a team that has proudly served the industry for more than 80 years. Our team is committed to excellence, which is why we set ourselves apart from the competition with the following unique features:

  • Mueller is ISO9001- & AS9100-certified.
  • Mueller has the highest supplier performance ratings from aerospace market leaders.
  • Mueller is structured to serve aftermarket aerospace production demands.
  • Mueller’s manufacturing and design professionals are trained in all major digital/3D formats.
  • Mueller creates basic parts for complex aerospace products customized to your specifications.
  • Mueller’s aerospace products can integrate with your ERP systems.
  • Mueller emphasizes cost-effectiveness for inexpensive, high-quality solutions.

Mueller also specializes in providing various aerospace products for the continued success of the industry at large. Some of our most popular product offerings are highlighted below:

  • Specialty tapes and masking solutions (mechanical bonding, thermal management, paint masking, and abrasion-resistant)
  • Environmental and mechanical seals and gaskets (door, window, hatch, fluid, and thermal insulation)
  • EMI/RFI shielding (electronics/radar protection, antenna gaskets)
  • Specialty foam (aircraft interiors, sound/vibration control, seating/insulation)

We take pride in providing exceptional products to our aerospace clients, emphasizing both cost and quality to deliver unparalleled results. No matter the shape or size of your aerospace project, our team can provide you with the products you need whenever you need them.

Contact our team to find out more about why we’re the industry’s preferred provider for aerospace die-cut solutions.

Mueller: Your 3M Preferred Converter for Custom Aerospace Solutions

Mueller Custom Cut started as a provider of custom gaskets for the aerospace industry during World War II. The unique challenges of the aerospace industry demand the highest-quality products and materials manufactured to exact specifications. Our partnership with 3M helps Mueller Custom Cut to offer innovative, high-quality solutions that are custom-tailored to your needs and backed by the proven quality of 3M materials and adhesives. As a 3M Preferred Converter, we have access to 3M’s full line of over 55,000 products and the engineering support and materials expertise that the company provides for its partners.

Our experts use these products and our advanced skills to create gaskets, seals, weather-stripping, insulation, and more for a wide variety of aerospace applications. Our custom manufacturing processes include die-cutting, CNC-cutting, laminating, vulcanizing, precision slitting, and more so we can manufacture the ideal solution for your needs with fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. Our products feature long-lasting durability, precision manufacturing, and top-quality 3M materials to provide the advanced performance necessary for your unique application.

To learn more about the advantages of choosing a 3M Preferred Converter for your aerospace industry needs, call 704-926-5827 or contact us online.

Choose Mueller’s Custom-Cut Aerospace Solutions

For more than 80 years, Mueller Custom Cut has served the aerospace industry, providing exceptional die-cut services from design to production. Our team has the skills and expertise necessary to provide the solutions you need for your aerospace project, with a track record of proven success and long-lasting industry relationships to prove our abilities.

Find out why we’re consistently chosen by industry leaders as their preferred custom-cut provider by contacting our team today.

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