Die-Cut Solutions for the Renewable Energy Industry

Why Choose Mueller Custom Cut?

Rapid Prototyping

As the demand for renewable energy continues to grow, so does the need to rapidly develop industry advancements and prototypes under strict specifications.

How Mueller Helps

We assist renewable energy manufacturers in creating, developing, and scaling new products that contribute to a better, greener world.

Material Specialists

Your company’s latest electric car model requires components that can withstand demanding environments, but you’re not sure which materials are best suited for the application.

How Mueller Helps

We can recommend and supply the right materials based on the requirements of your renewable energy project. Our machines can accommodate rubber, foam, silicone, and more with different densities, thicknesses, and compositions.

Improved Efficiency

Despite research and development efforts, you’ve been having trouble with the efficiency of your solar wall batteries.

How Mueller Helps

Our mission is to provide renewable energy manufacturers with the best solutions to improve battery efficiency in an increasingly competitive market.

Solar, wind, and water produce virtually limitless power—if only we can tap into it. These renewable energy sources have not only revolutionized the energy industry, but they have also offered promising environmental outcomes.

At the core of the renewable energy industry are solar panels, wind turbines, and hydro generators that harness and distribute energy from the earth’s natural resources. It would be impossible to fabricate the products used in these devices without die-cutting, precision slitting, laminating, and other related services. Mueller Custom Cut offers the solutions you’re looking for, with the ability to fulfill virtually any product design specification.

Your renewable energy business has unique challenges. We provide unique solutions. Contact us today at 704-926-5827 to learn more.

Mueller’s Renewable Energy Product Manufacturing & Custom-Cut Services

Mueller proudly participates in the manufacture of renewable energy products. We offer numerous capabilities that allow for the manufacture of small, intricate parts used in everything from solar panels to wind turbine pitch motors. Some examples of the products our machines can manufacture include:

  • Photovoltaic components
  • Wind power components
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Electrical insulators
  • Thermal management materials
  • Structural foams
  • Control panels
  • Battery labels
  • Outdoor labels
  • Sound insulation
  • Sealing tapes

The materials we use to develop renewable energy parts depend on the specifications of your project. We are confident we can shape, cut, stamp, and bend raw materials into the components you need for your renewable energy company using our advanced, in-house equipment. Here are the types of materials we utilize:

To request a consultation, or for help determining the best materials for your renewable energy project, please call Mueller today at 704-926-5827 or contact us online.

Choose Mueller Custom Cut For Renewable Energy Die-Cut Solutions

When you partner with Mueller Custom Cut, you ensure your products are manufactured to the highest possible level of quality. Our expert team is AS9100- and ISO9001-certified, which means we are highly qualified to complete your die-cutting project. We also draw on 80 years of experience, during which time we have developed relationships with over 120 suppliers just like you. Let us streamline your production process using cutting-edge technology that has been proven to further the renewable energy industry.

Whether your order is large or small, one-time or ongoing, we’re ready to serve as your valued supplier. To learn more about our cost-efficient, time-saving solutions, please contact us at 704-926-5827 today.

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