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Why Choose Mueller Custom Cut?

Material Suggestions

Your new phone design has a flaw: It allows unwanted sounds to come through the headset. You need a way to correct the echo created by the cavity.

How Mueller Helps

We can design die-cut foam components to use as dampeners in your telecommunication products. Our ability to nest and create kits greatly increases material utilization for lower costs and more successful sound dampening.

Rapid Prototyping

Each year, more telecom technology is unleashed on the world, and your company is struggling to keep up with consumer demand.

How Mueller Helps

From custom shapes for landline phone faceplates to foam for inkjet printers to adhesives for thinner smartphone designs, we can support your need for quick turnaround times on your latest prototypes.

Customer Satisfaction

Mass-producing products for the telecommunication industry can be costly. You need a solution that keeps costs down without sacrificing product quality and durability.

How Mueller Helps

Mueller has a history of meeting our customers’ needs without compromise. Die-cutting allows for the creation of custom, functional parts at an affordable price, so your company can more quickly and cost-effectively design innovative products in this ever-changing industry.

Tablets, landlines, smartphones, computers, printers, and other telecommunication products are used daily on a worldwide scale. Without die-cutting, it would be impossible to mass-produce these devices quickly and inexpensively. This production method delivers high-quality results, regardless of the shape, size, or material used. Whether you run a Fortune 500 company or a local startup, Mueller Custom Cut has the die-cut solutions you’re looking for. We can fulfill virtually any product design specification to meet your needs.

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Mueller’s Telecom Manufacturing & Custom-Cut Services

Every telecommunication project requires unique materials and production techniques to achieve the desired outcome. Luckily, Mueller offers numerous capabilities to allow for the manufacture of small, intricate parts by converting raw materials into the required product. The manufacturing processes we utilize for the telecom industry include:

The materials we use to develop your telecom parts depend on the specifications of the project. Whether you need dampeners, faceplates, insulators, or gaskets, we are confident we can shape, stamp, cut, and bend the raw materials into the components you need for your telecom company. Here are the types of materials we have at our disposal:

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Choose Mueller Custom Cut for Telecom Die-Cut Solutions

Partnering with the right die-cut provider is essential for achieving the results you desire. The experts at Mueller Custom Cut are AS9100- and ISO9001-certified, so you can rest assured that we are highly qualified to complete your die-cutting project. Over the past 80 years, we have helped meet the die-cutting needs of over 120 suppliers just like you. We are proud of our streamlined production process that keeps your project simple and affordable, no matter the size or scale of the parts you need.

We’re ready to serve as your valued supplier, whether your order is large or small, one-time or ongoing. To learn more about our cost-effective, time-saving solutions, please contact Mueller at 704-926-5827

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