Custom-Cut EVA Foam Solutions

When you need a product that offers high durability, shock resistance, and UV stability for use in outdoor applications, EVA foam is a great option. Made from acetylene-vinyl acetate, EVA foam is waterproof and has a strong, rubber-like texture that makes it ideal for things like kneepads, shin guards, flip-flops, or corner protectors.

With our extensive die-cutting and CNC experience, our team at Mueller Custom Cut can create the ideal EVA foam products for your application, whether it is sports equipment, insulation, gaskets, or seat cushions. Our company has been serving Charlotte, NC, and the Southeast United States since 1940, and we offer everything from CNC and die-cutting to lamination services, custom product packaging, kitting services, and more. As a 3M Preferred Converter, we also have access to advanced adhesives, tapes, and other materials to create a durable finished product that is ideal for your application.

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Why Choose EVA Foam for Your Product?

EVA foam is a dense, closed-cell foam product that works well in outdoor locations with its UV resistance and waterproof structure, and it has high impact resistance, bouncing back into shape after being depressed. EVA foam is an ideal material for applications such as:

  • Automotive and heavy equipment seat cushions
  • Sound deadening and insulation
  • Exercise mats and gym flooring
  • Flip-flops and outdoor footwear
  • Helmets, shin guards, kneepads, and athletic equipment
  • Shock-resistant gaskets and seals
  • Furniture padding and cushions
  • Edge and corner guards
  • Foam costumes and toys
  • Traction pads
  • Foam insoles
  • Shipping and packaging
  • Tool organization
  • Battery shock absorption
  • And more!

To learn more about the uses of EVA foam and its benefits, call our experts at 704-926-5827 or contact us online.

Our Custom EVA Foam Solutions

At Mueller Custom Cut, we can cut and process EVA foam to create the ideal product for your application. We offer engineering and prototyping services to help you dial in your product to meet your unique needs, and we offer full production services that can scale to meet your demands, with top-quality results and fast turnaround times. Our capabilities include:

  • Flatbed die-cutting for prototyping and larger products
  • Rotary die-cutting for precise, high-volume production
  • CNC cutting for precision cutting at small scales
  • Water cutting for harder materials
  • Laminating services to create self-adhesive or layered products
  • Precision slitting to cut materials to your desired thickness or width

When time is money, there’s no better way to save than partnering with us. Call us at 704-926-5827 to get started with your custom project.

Why Choose Mueller Custom Cut?

With more than 80 years of experience in the die-cutting industry, Mueller Custom Cut has the experience and skill to handle the largest projects, and our continued innovation and growth allow us to stay ahead of the competition, incorporating the latest technologies like CNC cutting and precision computer-aided design. Our company features:

  • Skilled personnel who are invested in your product
  • A can-do attitude that lets us tackle the most complex projects
  • The passion and experience to do it right or make it right
  • AS9100 and ISO9001 certification for quality results
  • Fast turnaround times without compromising quality

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