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When an application demands large amounts of vibration dampening and shock resistance, Poron® foam gaskets are the ideal solution. Manufactured by the Rogers Corporation, Poron is a polyurethane foam that is often used in applications like packaging to protect sensitive electronics and delicate materials.

When you need a custom-shaped Poron foam gasket for your product or assembly, turn to our team at Mueller Custom Cut. We are a leading die-cutting and CNC cutting facility, and we are AS9100 and ISO9001 certified to provide our clients with the best possible quality. Whether you need Poron foam gaskets, rubber gaskets, or custom-laminated solutions, we are here to help with all your custom die-cutting needs, and we’re equipped for production runs of any size.

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What Makes Poron Foam Gaskets Different?

Poron foam is a dense, open-cell polyurethane foam that offers small, consistently sized cells that maximize compression strength while providing an excellent seal against dust and dirt. With its shock-absorbing, vibration-dampening, and dust sealing capabilities, Poron is an excellent choice for applications like:

  • Product packaging to cushion delicate materials
  • Battery compartments to prevent impact damage
  • Cleanrooms to prevent dust infiltration
  • Door seals to keep out dust and dirt
  • Protecting flanges and machined surfaces during shipping
  • Cushioning LCD screens in electronics to prevent cracks

Poron features a smooth surface skin that makes it extremely easy to bond to other surfaces and materials. This makes it ideal for creating laminated gaskets or self-adhesive solutions.

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Custom Poron Gaskets for Your Product or Application

At Mueller Custom Cut, we can design and manufacture custom Poron gaskets for a wide range of applications, from packaging and electronics to HVAC systems and automotive products. We feature the latest equipment to engineer, prototype, and produce custom Poron gaskets, and our capabilities include:

We can produce gaskets of any size or complexity, from round and rectangular gaskets for regular surfaces to custom-shaped gaskets for products of any size or shape. We can add openings for bolt holes, brackets, and other obstructions, and we can custom-mill dies for large production volumes. No matter the size or scope of your production needs, we can scale our processes to fit while offering fast turnaround times and cost-effective pricing structures.

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Why Choose Mueller for Poron Gaskets?

At Mueller Custom Cut, we work hard to provide our clients with the innovative materials and solutions they need to keep their production lines moving. We have been providing custom die-cutting services throughout Charlotte, North Carolina, and the Southeast United States for over 80 years. We have the experience and equipment to develop the custom solutions you need for nearly any application, and we serve everything from the automotive and manufacturing industries to pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, and the aerospace industry.

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